Posted on December 28, 2022 by Michael Boik

Consider Unpadded Paper Mailers for 2023 DTC Packaging

As we’ve said many times before, we realize the irony of a box company telling you to consider not buying boxes. But we also realize that the product lends itself to the proper application, and many times the product is an accessory, soft good, clothing or other item that may be better suited for a mailer envelope rather than a box for a number of reasons, including economic and environmental.

We’ve written about unpadded paper mailers for over a decade now, and many of the reasons we’ve stated for considering them are still true today as we enter 2023. But there are also a few reasons that are unique to the current packaging climate that are worth noting as well.


Decreased Lead Times

This gives us great joy to say, and NO it is NOT a typo! It seems like ever since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the lead times for just about all of our products have trended up, with very few exceptions or relief. This was especially true of unpadded paper mailers that saw lead times in some cases even double or triple what they once were. We’re happy to say that as of the time of this post, lead times are back to around where they were pre-pandemic on custom printed envelopes. While the quantity ordered and size of the mailer will ultimately determine the lead time, we do anticipate this trend to continue in the right direction for 2023, with supply chain improvements as well as materials and labor availability.


Projected Cost Stability

We saw unprecedented amounts of material cost increases from 2020 through the current year. While we can never make any promises, and these things are always fluid, we do anticipate 2023 to stabilize in terms of what has been historical from an increases standpoint. This means little to no price increases, with a small potential for price decreases as well. Again, nothing is certain, but the outlook does look promising for a return to “normal”.


Make Green/Eco-Friendly Packaging a 2023 Goal

Perhaps it has already been a focus of you and your company to prioritize sustainability, but if it isn’t, then there’s no better time to start then with the coming new year. Our unpadded paper mailer envelopes are quite possibly the greenest packaging product we offer. They are 100% recyclable, and made from a minimum of 50% recycled content, with 100% recycled content available, as well as 75% PCW content.

Reduce Your Shipping/Storage Costs in 2023

If you’re looking for ways to save that go beyond the cost of the packaging materials themselves, then paper mailers may be ideal when you consider their lightweight, easy to store and ship size and structure. Storage and 3PL facilities typically charge per pallet stored, and you can fit exponentially more envelopes on a pallet as compared to boxes. Also consider the savings from both inbound mailing costs (us to you) and outbound costs (you to your end user) by shipping a flat, lightweight packaging product.


Additionally, paper mailers are the ONLY product we offer custom printing for the same minimum as unprinted. You can order printed envelopes by the case. Show us your artwork and we can get you a same-day quote!


Need more reasons to consider mailer envelopes? The second link in the ‘related posts’ section below offers a variety of information expanding on that topic. Also, please feel free to contact us via the link below. We’d love to hear more about your specific product and application.



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