Posted on November 18, 2021 by Michael Boik

4 Unique Types of Mailer Envelopes—Product Specific Packaging Guidance

There are many types of mailer envelopes, each with different capabilities. While this variety is certainly a good thing, navigating the options may be difficult for a first-time packaging buyer who may be unfamiliar with each. The fact is, if you’re shipping clothing, you likely won’t be using the same mailer as someone who is shipping photographs or framed artwork. When it comes to customization, there are many factors to consider across envelope products, including print capabilities and minimums. To follow are 4 unique envelopes and descriptions of each to help you navigate what you may need for your products.


Padded Paper Mailer Envelopes

Our newest envelope packaging product, padded paper mailers are gaining in popularity as more customers make the transition away from traditional options (such as bubble mailers) in this category, to our more eco-friendly and attractive option. With a proprietary cushion recyclable material lining the mailers, this is an envelope that can ship anything from electronics, CDs, books to picture frames and more. Available currently in 5 stock sizes in low volumes, we also can brand with your logo, provided you can take a truckload of product. Please inquire for more information. You can read more about this mailer envelope type here. Or purchase now from our stock, unprinted selection here.




Unpadded Paper Mailer Envelopes

One of our most popular products over the years, our unpadded paper mailers are ideal for virtually any clothing or soft goods application. T-shirts, hats, gloves, jeans, sweatshirts may all be a great fit, considering the wide selection of stock sizes available, including expandable, with the option for custom sizes as well. In low 1 case minimums (200-500), custom printing is also available with a low cost one time print plate purchase.  While lightweight, these mailers are also very durable, weather resistant and one of the most eco-friendly options you can find, made with a high percentage of recycled content. You can read more about this mailer envelope type here. Or purchase now from our stock, unprinted selection here.



Flat Rigid Mailer Envelopes

Probably the most common product when people think of a mailer envelope, flat rigid mailers are commonly used by USPS, UPS, FedEx and others to send expedited documents. Ideal for items you want to protect, such as photos, papers, cards, stationery, or posters—we have 13 stock sizes available for immediate purchase and shipment. Custom options (sizes and prints) are available at 2,500 minimums. Pricing is dependent on graphics, but the design options are virtually limitless. You can read more about this mailer envelope type here. Or purchase now from our stock, unprinted selection here.



Expandable Rigid Mailer Envelopes

Also known as our fit mailers, these wonderfully versatile envelopes are great for products that are bulky but require more protection than an unpadded mailer, such as small electronics, hanging retail packages or magazines/books. With the ability to ship flat or up to 2’’ expandable, these mailers will adapt to the product being ship and are extremely durable. They require little or no void fill, no tape, and are easy to store. They can of course be customized in either white or kraft, including custom sizes and a variety of high-end print capabilities at a 2,500 minimum. You can read more about this mailer envelope type here.

Want to know more about these or any other types of mailer envelopes? Please reach out via the contact links below.


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