Posted on April 25, 2018 by Michael Boik

Promotional Packaging (Onboarding and Gifts)

As trends and new ways of doing business form and take shape in the corporate world, businesses are looking for innovative methods of standing out among their competition.  Brand identity is now essential, not only outwardly in terms of potential and ongoing customers but also within a company/organization’s work staff as a way of promoting a forward-thinking, positive environment. It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to send out welcome packages (commonly referred to as onboarding kits) to newly hired employees. We receive numerous calls weekly asking for boxes for this very purpose. This new trend adds on to what has already been an area of packaging that we receive a high volume of inquiries related to—that being one-time, promotional packaging (or gift).


Promotional PackagingOne-Time Promotional Packaging

New-hire company onboarding kits can take many different forms. Anything from mugs, planners, calendars, shirts, books and various other items may be included, and while the actual contents themselves may vary, the overall concept behind the packaging is pretty consistent. Deliver a positive first impression and memorable experience. Promotional packaging extends beyond the realm of new hires. Businesses often design gift packaging to distribute at company outings, events, parties and retreats. Sending gifts or welcome kits to first-time or long-term customers is also more popular now than ever before in a digital age. Companies understand the value of reaching out to create a personalized connection with customers in cases where online has replaced in-store face-to face shopping. Often the branding of the package needs to be just as memorable and welcoming as the contents within.


Salazar Packaging Specializes in Branded Gift/Promotional Packaging


There have been numerous gift packaging applications we have created in the past. We have assisted with a number of seasonal gift boxes for many large companies and are very pleased with the results and feedback.

A gift or promotional package that is high volume could make a lot of sense as a digital or flexographic print, even if there is no plan to reorder. Keep in mind our minimum order quantity starts at 1,000 for any custom printed mailer box, and minimums for paperboard or retail boxes are 2,500 and higher. For many companies who send out thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of gift/promotional packages to their customers, we likely have a cost-effective solution that meets your expectations. After all, we have done this so many times that we can guide you through all phases of the process.


Gift Packaging Applications We Can Likely Help With

  • High Volume Seasonal Gift Packaging
  • High Volume Promotional Packaging
  • High Volume Starter Kits/Sample Kits
  • High Volume Anniversary/Special Event/Welcome/Awards and Recognition Packaging
  • Recurring gift packaging

Applications We Likely Cannot Help With

  • Low Volume (under 1,000), small office onboarding kits
  • Low Volume promotional packaging
  • Low volume, one-time gift packaging


Whether you are just beginning to explore your gift packaging options, or are well on your way to knowing what you need, we can walk you through the process. Want to know more about promotional packaging? One of our branded packaging advisors is standing by to assist, with decades of experience behind them. Call us today at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email at


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