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Finn Wellness-Right-Sizing Packaging Approach

With one corrugated industry increase hitting at the end of 2020 already, and another rumored to take place sometime in the next 30-60 days, it has perhaps never been more important to take the right-sizing packaging approach to avoid overpackaging and reap the benefits of both materials and shipping cost savings.

Finn Wellness LLC recognized this very early in their discussions with us about branded packaging for their nutritional wellness products for dogs. Their needs required the versatility of shipping anywhere from 1-4 jars at a time, and our solution was to minimize the number of packaging skus while best balancing product protection with presentation.

Right-Sizing PackagingCombining for Volume Discounts

We accommodated the product with two die cut mailer sizes. We started with a small box with an insert to hold 1 product jar, then created a second insert to hold 2 jars that could be used within the same box interchangeably.

Next, we created a larger box using the same concept for the 3 and 4 jar configuration—a total of 2 boxes with 4 inserts. Limiting the number of boxes meant minimizing the total tooling costs for the project.

Aside from the initial tooling cost savings, perhaps the greater benefit (long term specifically) is in volume discount savings by combining orders across insert sizes. Because the 1 and 2 jar inserts share the same blank size (meaning they can be cut from the same size of sheet board) they can be ordered in any combination to take advantage of a lower price at a higher volume. The same is true of the 3 and 4 jar inserts. This leaves Finn with the freedom and flexibility to mix and match according to what product combinations are selling the most. With time and a little bit of order history, this can result in potentially thousands in savings across numerous reorders.

Keys to Graphic Design

Further savings were realized in the form of Finn’s graphic design. By printing their inserts as a flood coat print of a solid color on one side, they were able to have printed inserts without the need for a print plate cost across all 4 sizes of inserts ($400-800 savings PER SIZE). Also, by printing the mailers as a 1 color print inside/outside on kraft board, the end-result is a beautiful, eye-catching print that is both eco-friendly and less expensive by comparison than a single or multi-color print on white board.


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