Posted on December 15, 2022 by Michael Boik

How to Best Use our Gallery to Explore Packaging Ideas and Concepts

If you spend any time on this blog, you probably already know we’ve recently redesigned our website here, as well as our main site, While many things were modified, tweaked or otherwise improved across the site, one of the pages that remained relatively unchanged from our old site is our very popular gallery page. There you will find a variety of images sampling some of our proudest work we’ve done across various applications and projects.

Many first-time inquirers often find their way to calling or emailing us through visiting the gallery and finding an image that creates a reaction of, “Yes! That’s what I’m looking for.”

We have 70 images on our gallery alone, not counting the various other images throughout the sites, and while we know they often connect with many potential new customers, they can also be a bit overwhelming to a first-time custom packaging buyer who may be suffering from a sense of option fatigue. Maybe you have a general idea of what you want/need, but the variety of available options are preventing you from narrowing your focus on a specific idea or design. This is where we come in.

In order to best guide you, we recommend asking questions that narrow in on the particular aspects of each image you like, rather than the entire image as a whole. This allows us to give you the most accurate answers and assist with follow up questions of our own.


Common Question: What is the Difference In Price Between This Box and That Box?

The Problem With the Question: The answer will ALWAYS vary. The boxes in the photographs often do not properly portray size, meaning you may find two boxes that are drastically different in sizing. This would of course affect the cost and make any comparison rather complicated.

A Better Question Might Be: What are the drivers of cost for each of these two boxes?


Common Question: What Size is This Box? Can I Get That Same Size?

The Problem With the Question: For the reasons mentioned above, sizing is very difficult to gauge from an image on a website. As such, the box in the image may not be a good fit for your products or needs, and if you have other reasons for liking the box (Graphic design, structural or appearance) then even if the size isn’t right for you, we can focus on getting the aspects you do like on a size that DOES work for you.

A Better Question Might Be: Can I get something similar to this style/look of box in the size I need? My product dimensions are (x,y,z).


Common Question: What is the Minimum Order Quantity on a Box Like This?

The Problem With the Question: Again, the answer could vary depending on what aspect of the box you like. Do you like the style (RSC, lock front, top tuck, auto-bottom etc.) or the graphics? Do you like the insert or internal packaging components? Do you like the board color (white, kraft, triple white)? The answer to the question regarding minimums will depend upon what aspect you would like to replicate in your own packaging.

A Better Question Might Be: The box in this image has 4 folding flaps. We want a similar style with our own artwork. What would the minimum be to order that?


Common Question: Which of These Two Boxes Is Most Eco-Friendly?

The Problem With the Question: While in some cases there may actually be a clear answer to this question, like in cases of triple white board or digital graphics (these are less eco-friendly than flexographic printing on kraft board, for example), the best approach would be to instead focus on what your green objectives/goals are and how we can best serve them.

A Better Question Might Be: What factors should we keep in mind to ensure our packaging is eco-friendly?


We are always here to help. Our gallery is a great tool, and a testament to our many creative and innovative customers over the decades, and often an excellent conversation starter.

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