Posted on February 12, 2014 by Michael Boik

Custom Printed Boxes – the Inside Story

One color print on white insideCustom Printed Boxes – the Inside Story  

While we help our customers create some of the most beautiful and memorable shipping boxes you will see anywhere, we absolutely hate what USPS, FedEx and UPS do to them. They always look fantastic when they leave the shipping location but are usually less than perfect when they arrive at the recipient’s home or office. Many of our customers have discovered that a great solution is to print the inside of the box, in addition to the outside or in some cases, in lieu of printing the outside.

Unzipped Citizen – Smart Branding Where It Won’t Be Missed

Let’s face it, smaller shipping boxes tend to be dominated by the large (usually 4” X 6”) shipping label so there is not a lot of “bill board” remaining for custom printing. Add a piece of tape and a few scuffs and the branding effort may be minimized or lost completely. That is why the bright people at Unzipped Citizen decided to communicate their message and brand, on the inside of their mailer box.

To make sure the copy stood out, they chose a white interior and then placed their message on the lid and inside base of the box. When the box is first opened and after the order contents are removed, the Unzipped Citizen message is quite obvious and is in beautiful, pristine condition.

Harry's one color in on white, one color out on KraftMaking the Shipping Box Yours

We have developed an arsenal of tools and tricks to help our customers and clients create packaging that stands out in a crowded field. Whether you decide on white board or Kraft (natural brown), print in or print out, we can help you avoid mistakes and save you money while delivering maximum branding impact. In fact, if you need a good graphic artist to help you get there, we can steer you to several we’ve worked with who know packaging and are great to work with.

If you already have finished art or just a concept, please contact us at Salazar Packaging for a free, confidential review of your project. You will undoubtedly be surprised at how easy and affordable we make the process.

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