Posted on January 22, 2021 by Michael Boik

Green Product Features of Custom Rigid Mailers

We’ve dedicated many blog posts to the features of custom rigid mailers in terms of what makes them such a great custom packaging option from a cost, protection and branding/marketing standpoint. But we have perhaps not focused as much on what makes them an eco-friendly packaging product, even while printing full graphics, multiple colors and photo-quality images. When it comes to customization, there is always a balance between maintaining the “greenness” of the packaging, while also delivering that all important memorable WOW factor for your customer.

In many cases, rigid mailer envelopes can be the best of both worlds.


Eco-Friendly Inks and Paper Options

We are asked many times a week, “what kinds of inks do you print with?” and the answer varies depending on the product, substrate, application etc. But our rigid mailer envelopes are printed with eco-friendly soy based inks, never oil based.

As is true of most of our products, our rigid mailer envelopes are 100% recyclable, and the percentage of recycled content will vary, depending on board selection and coatings. A white, clay coated news back (CCNB) mailer will have a recycled content of 85%, ideal for printing most basic 1 or 2 color prints. As an alternative, SBS (Solid bleached) board will be virgin material for those high ink coverage prints with gloss aqueous coatings. However, the SBS board is FSC certified, meaning the paper has been made from responsibly sourced materials.


Other Green Features

The packaging industry is often times guilty of producing excess waste. Countless times we see product shipped to our office in oversized, bulky containers where 50% or more of the box is packed with void fill. A rigid mailer envelope may be an ideal packaging solution for documents, photographs or other small or flat items that need protection during shipment, but don’t necessarily require a box to ship. Very simply, the smaller the packaging product, the less paper used, the less waste produced, and the less materials (void fill etc.) involved in the entire process. Rigid mailers are thin and lightweight, so they also will lower shipping costs, and take up minimal storage space.


Product Minimums and Lead Times

As we’ve recently announced, we are very excited to say that our lead times are typically now no more than 3 weeks on this product. While our minimum has long stood at 2,500 pieces, we can accommodate fewer in some cases, depending on the size, materials and print. We also have eliminated MOST print plate costs, AND with many stock sizes available, you likely will not need to pay any cutting die costs unless you are requesting a unique, custom size.

See below for some of our most recent custom rigid mailer envelope prints and please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions relating to your packaging needs.

Custom Rigid Mailers

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