Posted on November 12, 2013 by Michael Boik

Green RSC Shipping Boxes Don’t Have to Be Boring

Silly Rhino gift boxesIf you browse around this site or our Inside Sustainable Packaging blog, you already know we do a LOT of custom printed die cut mailers for subscription marketing, trial and sample programs, and e-commerce retail fulfillment.

However, there are times when an RSC (regular slotted container) shipping box is the best choice, especially on a new project because no costly tooling is required, print plates are typically less expensive and because an RSC box (same size, same quantity) is usually also going to be less expensive. The way most companies design and print RSC boxes, they can end up being a tad conservative or plain. However it does not have to be that way.

Who is Silly Rhino?

They are a neat new subscription marketing program designed specifically for babies’ ages 0 through 4. The items the child receives are ecofriendly, high quality and carefully selected by Silly Rhino. Browse around their web site at to see some of the well-known brands that are included in the monthly “surprise” package that is sure to be enjoyed by the little ones you know.

RSC boxes printed one color on whiteAbout their Packaging

For several of the reasons above, the nice people at Silly Rhino did not want to invest in a custom size, custom printed, die cut mailer that might not fit their needs a few months from now as their new program changes and grows.

An RSC box was the obvious solution but they also wanted the box to be attractive and “cute” considering the market that they are appealing to. With much focus and effort on their graphic design, and with some guidance from us, the end result more than satisfied all of their requirements. In addition to creating an attractive, eye catching memorable box, it is a Globe Guard® box with approx. 70% recycled content which is reduced from the normal 100% because of the white exterior. However it is 100% recyclable/repulpable and because it was printed with water based inks, it is also biodegradable and compostable.

Experience + Application Review = A great Looking Box

We spend so much time creating great looking custom printed and branded corrugated die cut mailers that people forget we also make very sharp custom printed RSC boxes, and mailer envelopes as well. No matter the situation or application, we can help you achieve the look you want, at the cost your need.

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