Posted on October 11, 2018 by Michael Boik

Combining Custom Boxes and Mailers

At Salazar Packaging, we have the fortunate position to work with a wide variety of companies and products in a multitude of areas. In the Spring of 2017, a company called Kyrgies reached out to us to discuss packaging options for their direct to consumer sales. Kyrgies are house shoes made of handcrafted felted wool. With a great company mission and shared commitment to the environment and preserving our planet, we knew Kyrgies would value eco-friendly packaging and the benefits of thinking green.

Custom Boxes and MailersAfter exploring options, unpadded paper mailer envelopes seemed to make the most sense for their needs at the time. Their one color print on white design is one of our favorites, as the green logo pops with color and branding that stands out immediately.

When they came to us a few months ago to begin asking questions about custom printed boxes for their shoes, we were excited and eager to see their new design. The end result of a two color flexographic print on kraft is beautiful and shows once again that an eco-friendly option can be cost effective without have to sacrifice on branding or presentation.

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