Posted on October 30, 2013 by Michael Boik

Salazar Packaging – Subscription Box Design Headquarters

One color, reverse print on white boxesWe continue having great fun helping customers and clients develop some of the most memorable and attractive subscription box shippers in use today. Here are a few different types of boxes we have helped design recently:

Mailer and Subscription Boxes – Basic Outside Print

By far the most common for those who like simplicity and the lower initial print plate costs. One or two colors is easy with a 1,000 box minimum in most cases. Three or four colors may require a higher minimum depending on the graphic design. Keep in mind a box can be Kraft (natural brown) or white, on the inside or the outside of the box.  One color out, one color

Mailer and Subscription Boxes – Print Inside

Many clients have discovered that the inside of the box arrives to their customer in immaculate condition and does not have the distractions of tape, labels, scuffs and road grime on it. The inside of the box can be a great opportunity to create an upscale image, reinforce your brand, communicate your message or simply say thank you in a spot where it is most obvious.

Mailer and Subscription Boxes – Box within a Box.

It is not uncommon today to have a relatively plain shipper with minimal graphics and a more decorative box inside that can be made of paperboard in a rigid box style or even a folding carton. Almost any graphics are possible because we are no longer printing on corrugated board and we can help you create a box that is sure to be kept, reused and remembered.

Mailer and Rigid box in pizza style mailerSubscription Boxes – Three distinct styles available

There are three different styles available depending on the application. A simple top tuck mailer is most often used and a front lock design provides the greatest security. The third option is a “pizza box” style mailer which offers the lowest board cost and makes it easier to remove solid products such as the box within a box design mentioned above and shown in the photo.      

Mailer and Subscription Boxes Dilemma – The High Cost of Cutting Dies?

Not always. Most of our customers are quite pleased when they see the selection of popular box sizes for which we already have dies. For example, on our very popular 7-1/8” X 7” X 2-1/4” we have a cutting die available with a simple tuck design AND we have one exactly the same size with a front lock design. Using our die to make your boxes not only saves money (approx. $800 – $1,000), it also saves valuable time.

There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a box but most people are amazed at how affordable custom printing, even really sharp custom printing, can be. Please contact for a complete and confidential review of your application or call us at 630-551-1700. .

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