Posted on August 6, 2014 by Michael Boik

Shipping Clothing Dilemma – Branding Custom Printed Boxes or Custom Printed Mailer Envelopes?

Globe Guardcustom printed mailer boxesE-tailing is not just about books and music anymore, a rapidly growing percentage of clothing and soft goods are also being purchased over the internet. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t receive a call from someone debating which option – mailer envelopes or boxes – is best for them. The factors that we consider when making a recommendation include: the number of shipments per day, week or month, order quantity, the types of products being shipped, how they are being shipped, and the relative value of the products being shipped. That last point may sound unusual, but we understand that the needs of someone shipping a $20 tee shirt are different than someone shipping a $200 dress, shirt, or blouse.

The benefits and advantages of custom printed mailer envelopes

We offer plastic mailer envelopes as well but for the purpose of this blog post we are only going to discuss our unpadded, paper mailer envelopes. BTW, this is a good time to tell you that we NEVER recommend PADDED mailers for soft goods. For that type of application the padding is unnecessary and only adds shipping weight and cost.

  1. Custom printed unpadded paper mailer envelopes are relatively inexpensive in low order quantities. They are available in low, one case quantities, so for some sizes that means a minimum as low as 200 mailer envelopes.
  2. They are available flat and gusseted. Even bulky items can pack easily in a gusseted (three dimensional) mailer envelope. Their ability to expand to the required depth makes them very versatile.Custom printed mailer envelopes with a one case minimum
  3. Our envelopes do not require tape. They come with a peel and seal adhesive strip that seals them securely, quickly and easily.
  4. Mailer envelopes do not require void fill because the envelope conforms to the size and shape of the product(s) being shipped.
  5. Unpadded mailer envelopes ship to you flat, minimizing the inbound shipping cost and the amount of space required.
  6. Art charges and plate costs are very low, usually around $125 or less per color, per side.

The benefits and advantages of custom printed boxes

  1. First of all you have a choice between two distinct styles: the typical RSC shipping box with four flaps on top and bottom (generally used for bulk or wholesale shipments) and the die cut mailer variety that offers more of a presentation/upscale look with an attached, hinged lid.
  2. Most of our corrugated boxes have a low 500 minimum for larger RSC boxes or 1,000 for smaller RSC boxes and all die cut mailers. While those are larger minimums than the above mailer envelopes, they are very low within the corrugated industry.
  3. Even though the print plates are a bit more expensive (usually $400 to $600 per color) there is a greater variety of print options available, such as flood coat printing, and/or inside print.
  4. Corrugated shipping boxes are stronger and are less likely to result in a wrinkled product arriving to your customer.

There may be other considerations and factors but these are the primary differences between these two terrific, branded packaging options. We will be glad to discuss your specific needs if you call us at 630-551-1700 or contact Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products via email.

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