Posted on June 8, 2021 by Michael Boik

Recyclable and Recycled Content Packaging

Recyclable and Recycled content packaging has never been more popular. It’s of extreme importance to many companies to have a green approach to their business and their products, and equally important to relay that message to their customers in their message and branding. Nearly all of the designs we see, especially 1 color prints on kraft board will include some form of the following:

Please Recycle Me

Made From Recycled Content

Reuse or Recycle

Fully Recyclable, Please Don’t Throw Away

We love this approach and sensibility and always get excited to see the unique ways companies incorporate this eco-friendly branding into their designs.


Branding That Reflects Your Mission

All of our corrugated mailers, paperboard boxes, paper mailer envelopes and rigid envelopes are always recyclable, whether custom printed (with water-based inks) or plain, unprinted. Beyond the recyclability and recycled content of your packaging, keep in mind that there are other aspects that the consumer will notice during that all important unboxing experience. Mainly, the appearance of your product within the packaging. Is there a lot of wasted or unnecessary space? Do you use excessive void fill? Is the mailer reusable or resealable? Is your packaging presenting your product to be consistent with your brand/mission? There is nothing worst than an eco-friendly/green product that is packaged and delivered in something excessive (wasted board/materials/paper) or environmentally neglectful. We’ve written extensively on the subject of right-sizing your packaging for this reason.


Products with the Highest Percentage of Recycled Content

100% PCW Mailer Envelopes-perhaps our greenest product, made not only from recycled content but post-consumer waste content.

Unpadded Paper Mailers-Kraft envelopes are made of 100% recycled fibers, and white are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content, and both can be custom printed.

Rigid Mailer Envelopes-Kraft envelopes are made from 100% recycled content, 95% PCW. White are 100% recycled content and 35% PCW.

Paperboard Cartons-Kraft are 100% recycled content and 90% PCW. White are 100% recycled content and 35% PCW.

Corrugated Mailers-Typically our branded mailers will fall in the 37-63% recycled content range, with 100% recycled content and FSC certified board being available at request, with minimums and special pricing that will apply.


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Want to know more about recyclable and recycled content packaging? As always, if you have any questions on any of our products or services, one of our branded packaging advisors is standing by to assist, with decades of experience behind them. Want to know more about custom packaging options? Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email at


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