Posted on July 13, 2017 by Michael Boik

Salazar Packaging and Chicagoland Entrepreneurs

Since our doors have been open to our new office location in suburban Chicago (Oswego, Illinois) at the start of the year, we already have been able to welcome many visitors to share their vision with us—be it as a startup or well-established, thriving business—and in return receive a glimpse into how Salazar Packaging delivers what we call the “WOW” factor to companies looking for packaging guidance, expertise and insight from industry leaders who have decades of experience behind us.

We always encourage Chicagoland entrepreneurs, business owners and frankly, anyone with questions or interest to come see us in person, as a face-to-face meeting can cut down on a lot of the initial email or phone call discussion back and forth, and can lead to productive early-stage packaging conversations such as sizing and design options, process and production explanation, as well as estimated pricing and time frame while allowing us to show and share with you some examples on display of the variety of custom boxes we have made for hundreds of satisfied customers. There’s an added benefit in viewing samples of board, prints, colors and seeing the up-close differences among your options, such as fluting, white vs. kraft board, inside print, screen print and more.

While we pride ourselves on being a national brand with a customer base from coast to coast, we always get excited when the opportunity to work with someone local presents itself, and there’s no better beginning to our relationship than when a potential customer is eager to see our facility. We owe much of our own growth and success to the growth and success of our customers, and we believe firmly in being honest and transparent with any and all potential customers. We understand that not everyone who contacts us or walks through our doors is ready for branded packaging, and while we may offer an alternative solution with one of our own products, it is not always the case that we are the right fit for their needs at that time. We’ve spent over a decade educating potential customers through our Inside Sustainable and Branded Packaging Blog. The focus of our blog posts is the same as what we try to communicate to anyone we meet in person. Presenting a variety of potential solutions, and allowing the customer to make informed decisions.

Are you one of many Chicagoland Entrepreneurs? Please reach out to us with any questions or need for assistance, or to schedule an in-person visit. Please schedule a visit online at or by phone 630-551-1700. One of our branded packaging advisors is standing by, and we’re eager to meet you!