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Save Money in 2023 by Reducing Your Box Size

The first link in the “related posts” section at the bottom of this page shares the story of a company called Finn Wellness LLC and their right-size approach to custom packaging. Their effective utilization of multiple sizes of boxes and inserts for various product configurations (2 pack, 3 pack, 4 pack) was the inspiration for that post, and they’ve once again replicated that technique and asked us to create a new mailer size to accommodate a single tin.

Previously, Finn was using 2 mailer sizes with interchangeable inserts for a single and 2 pack, as well as 3 and 4 pack, but ultimately determined that they were shipping out a lot of single tins, and custom fitting a box to accommodate just the single tin would reduce shipping costs to the customer. The new box is much smaller in comparison to their other sizes, and the savings over the long term are undeniable. Below are some of the financial benefits of right-sizing your packaging and “downsizing” your boxes, when possible.

Photo Courtesy of Finn Wellness LLC

Lower Your Per Box Cost

Perhaps nothing influences a per unit cost of a box more than the size. This is due to the amount of corrugated board that is needed. Reduce your box size and you will reduce your box cost. That’s pretty simple. It’s important to note, however, that often times this does mean having initial one-time startup costs. To make a new custom size, a cutting die cost is needed. To print artwork on a new size would require new print plates as well. These costs tend to range between about $600-800 each depending on the size and graphics. But given the right volume, these savings may be offset on the first order by the lower per box cost, or realized over the course of time with reorders.


Reduce Outbound/Inbound Shipping Costs

Again, this was the main motivation for Finn Wellness LLC. Lower shipping costs. But this is a two-fold effect. Not only are shipping costs reduced from an inbound perspective (shipping the boxes after production to you or your fulfillment, 3PL, etc), but the reduction of costs outbound from you to your customer may be the most important of all reasons to right-size your packaging. Consider that 2023 figures to continue the trend of FedEx, UPS, USPS and other carriers increasing their rates and fees. FedEx has already announced an increase of an average of 6.9% this year, so finding ways to lower your weight and dimensional weight (size) is imperative. Perhaps no one will be more grateful for this than your customer.


Avoid Unnecessary Void Fill and Shipping Damages

The alternative to right-sizing your packaging, is to ship product in a larger-than-needed box which often times means having to stock up on void fill to keep your product snug and secure during shipment. Of course, void fill can be messy, unattractive, and worse, it is often not as effective as a mailer that fits the product, or an insert that has been custom made to hold the product in transit. This means that if you are shipping your product in the wrong box size, you likely are more susceptible to product damages during transit. This can be especially costly once you consider the impact of returning (more shipping) and replacing or refunding product. Not to mention the negative effect it will have on your customers.


There are no shortcuts to packaging success stories. In 2023, decide to do what is best for you, your products and your customers. Consider all of your options and when you’re ready, reach out to us for a no cost, no obligation review of your specific application.



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