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Semi-Custom Packaging for First Responders

At Salazar Packaging, we have been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of customers who have a multitude of businesses and products. It’s always great to see the unique aspects of these businesses and their creativity. However, it is especially fun and rewarding to work with first responders who make a difference every day, and to be a small part of such successful subscription services that cater to these real-life heroes. As always, our goal is to help them find the best packaging solutions that make the most sense for their products and needs, while trying to minimize costs in the process.


Semi-Custom Subscription Boxes

In early 2019 we were contacted by The Shield Box, a monthly subscription box for officers, providing law enforcement and tactical gear. Their packaging features all white board, with a 2 color flexographic print that pops, in one of our most common mailer sizes.

Late 2021 we were also contacted by The Burn Box, looking to create packaging consistent with the quality and presentation of The Shield Box. The Burn Box is a firefighter subscription box featuring firefighter apparel, gear and tools. This white with 1 color exterior print is eye-catching and stylish. The QR code is a feature that is widely growing in popularity on most of our custom boxes and envelopes.

Both companies utilized existing tooling, meaning we provided sizes with existing cutting dies we already have so that they were able to avoid the onetime costs that are typically $1000 or more for a new cutting die. These are both examples of semi-custom packaging, a term we introduced over a decade ago to utilize any of our well over 200 available stock cutting die sizes. We dedicated a page on our website detailing examples of semi-custom packaging, which you can read more about here.

Why Semi-Custom?

We are on the verge of an unprecedented fourth price increase in the last 15 months. We understand that these are times unlike any other, and that you, the entrepreneur/business owner are looking for any and all ways to navigate these waters. Salazar Packaging just celebrated our 15 year anniversary milestone, and we have the experience and track-record to help find cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or presentation. When you consider tooling costs are sometimes four figures or higher PER SIZE, a project that requires multiple sizes could result in thousands of dollars of savings when you choose a semi-custom option, especially if it is a limited or one-time run. This could allow you to roll those savings into the printing/branding as well.

Aside from saving on cost, you will likely save on time as well, which is important given the current climate in the industry, which has led to lengthened lead times due to increased demand and reduced capacity and workforce. Selecting one of our existing sizes means we already have the tooling in house, and do not have to wait for it to be produced. It also means that the decision making is minimal, because the fluting and mailer style (lock front/top tuck) are already pre-determined for that size.


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