Posted on August 14, 2013 by Michael Boik

Spread the Word About Your Green Products

reduce, reuse and recycle - resource conservationAre you a B2B green packaging supplier? Are you looking for a new low cost way to reach new potential customers? If your answer is yes to both questions, you may fit in well with the good green companies featured here on Green Packaging

Do you and your products qualify?

We do not “certify” companies or products, but we do review what you sell and how you sell it to make sure the products that appear on the GPG site are represented accurately and honestly.  Our objective is to deliver product information as accurately as possible and allow the customer to decide what product and/or green criteria will or will not satisfy their specific needs.

Product Diversity is the Goal

GPG is a packaging product index and for that reason we seek new featured vendors that bring a variety of new products to our listing. We’ve learned to never say never, but it would be difficult for a single product company to add the value we would like to see in our featured vendors. At the same time, we would also prefer new members to represent minimal product overlap and redundancy with our current members.

Zero monthly cost but one important obligation

One of the key benefits and responsibilities of being a featured vendor member of Green Packaging Group is blogging on a regular schedule. This is a valuable opportunity for you to present your products and information on a well proven, mature platform, along with other well respected industry leaders.

Every member of is eager to learn everything they can about the rapidly and constantly changing topic of sustainability, and we enthusiastically share what we learn for the betterment of all.

Want to learn more?

Please contact us to begin the mutual interview process. If the “fit” is good for you and for us, we can assure you of a great platform from which to promote packaging sustainability and your products

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