Posted on October 13, 2023 by Michael Boik

Light-Up Packaging Applications from Salazar Packaging

Our tagline, “Packaging that Communicates” encompasses a wide range of structural or graphic design concepts and applications that allow ecommerce businesses to better share their brand messages and missions to their customers. After all, we strongly believe that a custom printed box can say a lot about your business and leave more than just a lasting impression. But it can also be said that custom printing may no longer be enough to truly standout in a crowded space. Finding new and innovative ways to differentiate your packaging is crucial, and this is why we are now introducing light-up packaging applications to help you bring back the WOW factor in ecommerce packaging.

What you are seeing in the attached video is just one demonstration of how light-up packaging can be implemented. Shipping boxes such as corrugated die cut mailers, RSCs, or retail paperboard or rigid box applications are all possible. This example utilizes a sensor to automatically trigger the light upon opening the box, but other designs and configurations are also available (such as an on/off switch).


Key Product Features

  • 100% recyclable components
  • Low-profile polymer battery (NO RISK OF EXPLOSION)
  • Safer and less power consumption that LEDs
  • Up to 12 hour battery life


As is true of all of our new products, we strongly encourage questions and feedback. There are no dumb questions and it will never hurt to ask us. We are eager to see what creative ways you want to explore this technology, and how it can best be incorporated into either existing or new packaging.


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