Posted on May 25, 2022 by Michael Boik

Consider RSC Boxes for Packaging Cost Savings

Cost reduction in packaging has been a focus of our blogs over the last 18 months due to the current economic climate. This has been in an effort to help existing and potential customers navigate industry-wide price increases and to prepare for the unexpected. There is perhaps no better cost-saving option in packaging than RSC boxes, when considering the alternatives.

While it can be said that historically, an RSC box was not as fashionable, presentable or impressive as a die cut mailer, this is no longer true. Printing RSC boxes, along with creative complimentary options like printed tape have leveled the playing field, so to speak, between RSC boxes and die cut mailers. The recent advancements in capabilities have also made interior printing possible on RSCs at minimal added cost, and the results are truly eye-catching and impressive!

Avoid Pricey Tooling and Higher Print Plate Costs

In cases where a custom size is needed, an RSC will always be the lower cost option, because an RSC does not require tooling costs, where a die cut mailer will (typically a $800-1200 expense). An RSC allows you to right-size your packaging to the exact size needed without needing to worry about breaking the bank and buying a new cutting die. You may be accustomed to buying stock sizes from Uline, 10x10x10, for example, but perhaps 12x12x10 is actually your ideal size. You can make this change with no tooling cost. This means avoiding potentially buying a size bigger than you need, which leads to added void fill costs, higher shipping and storage costs. Also, consider that print plate costs are almost always lower for an RSC than a die cut mailer by about 25-50%.

Get Inside Printing at a Bargain

There’s really no other way to say it—printing inside on an RSC may be the best bargain in custom packaging. Our equipment is state of the art and has the added benefit of allowing us to print inside and outside of the RSC in one pass, meaning manufacturing machine time is greatly reduced, leading to cost savings. On a die cut mailer, the inside and outside print are typically done in separate passes, meaning the cost for a comparable size will be higher.

Reduced Board Equals Increased Savings

An RSC in the same or similar size to a die cut mailer will almost always be less expensive from a board/materials cost because there is less board required to make the RSC. This can be said of printed or unprinted boxes. RSC boxes have always been the lower cost alternative. The difference now is that you don’t have to sacrifice your branding or unboxing experience to take advantage of that benefit.

Sustainability at a Lower Cost

As a direct correlation to the above, using less board on an RSC also makes the box more sustainable. Recycled content or FSC certified board is also available on RSCs, as well as being fully recyclable. In addition, we always use water based inks when printing on RSCs OR die cut mailers.

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