Posted on February 8, 2022 by Michael Boik

4 Reasons to Print Inside Your RSC Box

While custom printed die cut mailers have always been a popular and effective way to promote your business/brand to your customers, the fact is, RSC boxes are now more than ever a wonderful alternative. We’ve written several times about the importance of inside print in terms of delivering a memorable unboxing experience, but many people still may not know that this doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar. Consider a custom RSC box with interior print for the following reasons.

Cost Savings

An RSC box will almost certainly require less board/scrap during the manufacturing process than a die cut mailer of the same or comparable size. This means savings on a per unit basis. An RSC likely will not require a cutting die cost either, if a custom size is needed. Print plates are also generally less expensive for RSCs than mailers. As a rule, adding inside print to a die cut mailer may increase a per box price of about 20-30%. For an RSC, depending on colors and graphics, it may be as low as only 5-10% in some cases, due to machine capabilities that allow outside and inside printing on the same pass.

Expand Your DTC Branding

For a long time, RSC boxes were widely thought of from a functional standpoint, perhaps sacrificing the visual/aesthetic aspect of packaging. Meaning, the RSC is great from a protection point of view, capable of shipping large/heavy items and delivering without fail, but in a plain brown 4-flap folding box that offers no sense of the company’s brand or message. Now, however, RSCs can be just as beautiful as they are effective, with a variety of branding options, including custom printed tape, exterior prints, white board, and of course, that all important interior printing as seen below. RSCS are no longer seen as just a warehouse, storage, fulfillment box, but as an ecommerce shipper. The compliment of an interior print that pops really makes a difference, and advances in equipment and technology have made it so that the possibilities and the results have VASTLY improved over the years.

Tailor to Your Largest Customers

Less branding for your better customers? It seems contrary to the obvious, but it happens all the time. RSC boxes are typically used for larger orders, such as 6 packs, 12 packs etc. that perhaps your largest customers and accounts are ordering in bulk. Whereas a die cut mailer may be a great introductory package to send a single item for a small order, RSCs are generally the best bet for large volume orders of multiple items. As such, doesn’t it make sense that your biggest orders and largest customers are getting the same unboxing experience and branding as your smallest?

Protect Your Printing

As is true and often said of die cut mailers as well, the focus of your branding should really be on the inside of your packaging. Imagine spending money and creating a beautiful design for the exterior of a box, only for it to be covered by a 4×6 standard shipping label and having to face the elements of shipping (scuffs, weather and wear and tear). For this reason, we’ve always recommended a simple exterior print, with the bulk of the design saved for the inside of the box, where the graphics are best protected, and your customers are most focused.


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