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Protective Packaging Design for Multiple Product Configurations

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the UPS, FedEx driver and USPS worker’s top priority is likely speed, not careful handling. This is not to point a finger at them or play the blame game, it’s simply a reality that the shipping industry involves many obstacles to a package arriving safely, some of which are completely out of the driver’s control (weather, for example). Marking a box as FRAGILE may neutralize some of the challenges, but likely not. The only way to ensure your product has the best chance of arriving safely to your customers is through innovative, intelligent, protective packaging design.

Your product is too important to risk shipping it in anything that has not been custom designed specifically for its protection.

Image courtesy of Left Lane Pepper Company LLC

Solutions for Multiple Product Configurations

When Left Lane Pepper Company came to us looking for protective packaging design ideas to safely ship their 12 oz hot sauce bottles, without unnecessary or unattractive loose void fill, we knew a custom corrugated insert would be the best solution. We also knew it would have to account for both product to product damage, as well as shock transfer if/when the box is dropped.

The resulting insert is actually two components, a top and bottom piece that fit snuggly around the bottle cap and base, separating the bottles with an air cell to prevent the bottles from ever touching the box at any side.

We’ve created a 3 pack design and 5 pack, both which can accommodate shipping 2 and 4 bottles respectfully as well to eliminate having unnecessary amounts of packaging skus. Recently they also asked us to create a single bottle shipper.

For the single, as there is no product to product damage concern, the main focus was on immobilization. We were able to design a mailer with added layers of board on the top, bottom and all sides of the bottle to protect the bottle without the need for an insert.

Effective Protective Packaging At Work

For glass bottle packaging, we insist our customers conduct their own drop/ship tests to ensure our designs are effective. Of course, there is no amount of drop-testing that can prepare for the actual rigors of shipment. But our success rate is very high when it comes to product arriving safely to its destination.

You can see the video below shared from Left Lane Pepper Company’s Instagram, featuring a consecutive crash drop test from one meter height—putting to the test and highlighting the effectiveness of the 3 and 5 pack packaging.


Protective glass bottle packaging is never easy, but we have the experience and expertise to do it better than anyone.


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