Posted on July 25, 2023 by Michael Boik

Reasons to Market the Sustainability of Your Packaging

When we started in 2007, sustainable packaging was perhaps an afterthought for many businesses. Now, 16 years later it seems to be at or near the top of everyone’s checklist for custom packaging. Yet, despite the soaring interest in eco-friendly packaging, there is still perhaps not as much importance placed on being eco-obvious. In other words, their packaging is green, but their customers/end-users may not even be aware of it.

Effective marketing of the sustainability of your packaging means that your efforts are recognized and appreciated, instead of possibly overlooked. Don’t let your green packaging be a secret. Make it obvious! After all, if you have the most eco-friendly packaging available but you are the only one that knows it, (environmental benefits aside) you are missing out on a great opportunity.


Gain/Grow Your Reputation as a Sustainable Eco-Focused Business

Maybe you attend conferences, events or are in other ways active in sustainable efforts and initiatives, and if so, that’s great, but unless your customers are going out of their way to research you, they probably aren’t aware of these efforts. Your packaging can often be your most direct line of communication with your customers, or anyone who will be exposed to your company name/brand. Take advantage of it. Include a QR code that links to a page on your website detailing your company history and all of the ways you are sustainability-focused. List the ways your packaging was produced with sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. Invite your customers to visit your social media avenues, website or to contact you directly where you can further the conversation. Make yourself easy to find and accessible to the world by letting your packaging speak loudly. After all, if your packaging gains a reputation as sustainable, so too will your brand.

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Share a Pro-Sustainability Message to Your Customers (and Beyond)

Aside from self-promotion, your packaging can also promote sustainable concepts and practices, such as recycling and reusing the packaging materials themselves, or just to inform your customers/end-users of how to be environmentally-conscious. You can include incentives such as loyalty points or future discounts for your customers to reuse your packaging. A “please recycle” message is a great start, but you can also speak to other aspects, such as the benefits of water based ink (using less chemicals, lowering the carbon footprint) or even the recycled content of the packaging materials. If nothing else, you can increase consumer awareness. When the customer sees a pro-sustainability message upon receiving their packaging, at a minimum, the next time they receive a package from another company that doesn’t speak to sustainability, the customer is likely to question it. “What is the packaging made from? Is it recyclable?” Perhaps these questions inspire another company to self-reflect and take a look at the sustainability of their own packaging.

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Draw Positive Attention to Your Packaging/Products

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity” is a bit of an outdated adage now. The truth is, we’re probably living in a time where bad publicity is more harmful than ever. Websites like Yelp, Reddit and Google Reviews have empowered and encouraged consumers to speak openly about their experiences with companies and their products, and the more avenues that your customers have to speak about their experiences with you, the more you will want to be viewed in a favorable light. This means finding any and every way to boost your image, and generate positive feedback. In an increasingly digital world, the only face-to-face interaction you may have with your customers, is that of your packaging arriving at their doors. Don’t squander the opportunity to greet them with your best foot forward. It’s hard to imagine any customer would share negative comments about how a company asked them to recycle or reuse their packaging. Sustainability is pretty much universally agreed upon as a positive thing. Use that to your advantage to garner positive reviews.


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