Posted on August 3, 2022 by Michael Boik

Five Ways Your Packaging Can Communicate

14 years ago we trademarked the tagline, “Packaging that Communicates.” We felt it perfectly expressed what our company’s approach to DTC/Ecommerce packaging design and production would be from all levels of our company (customer service, sales, marketing and management). A box is more than just a means of transporting product. It’s a conversation starter to begin a dialogue between you and your customers. An opportunity for businesses to be heard.

We’ve not waivered from that approach over the years, and we’ve had the great pleasure of seeing and producing thousands of examples of packaging that communicates in many different and unique ways. Below are just some of our favorite means of expression to date.

Convey A Message of Sustainability/Eco-Mindedness

Please recycle. 100% Recyclable. Made from recycled content. FSC Certified. These are all common language found on many mailer boxes. A great deal of the companies that work with us are green-minded, and often their packaging reflects this sentiment by letting their consumers know that the environmental impact of their packaging is as important as its appearance.


Encourage Your Customers to Communicate With Each Other

Packaging can often be used to create a community among your customers, or expand on an existing community through social media, your website etc. Adding phrases like “share your unboxing experience” or a social media tag or hashtag can generate buzz around your packaging AND your product. Talking to your customers is important, but getting your customers to talk to each other and to other potential customers is a great way to see what you’re doing well, what you can improve upon, and to gauge the way your message and your products are being delivered.


Encourage Your Customers to Communicate With You

Including a company website URL, email, phone number or a phrase like “follow us, visit us, share your experience, leave a review” are often ways to let your customers know you are open to feedback, and want to begin dialogue with them. Encouraging conversation can also let you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, or hear things direct from your customers, rather than reading about it on a Yelp or Google review later.


Project Your Brand/Personality/Company Vision

Adding taglines, words, phrases or slogans is very common in branded packaging, and a great way to convey a brand image, or the personality of the people behind the product. It’s often said that laughter is the universal language, and humor can be a great way to communicate through your packaging. Or, taking a serious approach and sharing a mission statement can be equally important and effective.


Product Information or Instructions

A great benefit of branded packaging is the ability to interact with your customers to relay to them important information about the packaging, as well as the product. Phrases like “open here, fragile, handle with care” are quite common, or even more detailed instructions as to how to remove the product from the packaging. Information on how the product works or how to best use the product, printed directly onto the packaging may be a great way to save on cost and the environmental impact of including an instruction pamphlet or booklet.

After 15 years and several million boxes, we will be glad to discuss your project with you or your team. We can help you determine what to include or eliminate to ensure you are communicating what you need. Want to know more about packaging that communicates? Please contact us via the link or phone number below.

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