Posted on May 29, 2019 by Michael Boik

RSC Box Benefits Vs. Mailers

An RSC box can have many advantages over a mailer box. Over the years we’ve written several posts about the importance of right-sizing your packaging according to your specific needs (See here and here for a few examples). The concept is certainly not new, but we are often still amazed every time something arrives for delivery to our office or our homes where the product is being shipped in an over-sized container with A LOT of loose void fill that ends up scattered along the floor. The end result is rather wasteful (Both environmentally and economically) and not at all an attractive presentation.

It’s easy to see why many businesses initially employ the “one-size-fits-all” model to their packaging. Shipping a variety of products, product sizes, and product arrangements (4 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack) will sometimes lead the business owner to the conclusion that they need one large box that can accommodate all of the above in order to avoid substantial initial tooling costs associated with buying multiple box sizes of die cut mailers. However, RSC boxes are ideal for right-sizing, specifically because they typically do not require tooling costs, regardless of the size or number of sizes needed.


RSC Boxes for Eco-Minded Businesses and Right-Sizing SavingsRSC Box Benefits

A company promoting themselves as an eco-minded, environmental brand that sends product with excessive and often times non-recyclable voidfill, is sending a mixed message to their consumer. The correct approach is to right-size the box to the product in question, thereby eliminating unnecessary waste of materials. Not only will the packaging look better, but it will also send the right eco-minded message, while better protecting the product in the process.

Whenever a variety of sizes are needed, RSC boxes are almost always less expensive than die cut mailers because they typically require no tooling costs. Cutting dies are a $600-800 (on average) investment PER SIZE, and across multiple sizes, RSC boxes may result in literally thousands of dollars in savings compared to die cut mailers.

Design may be another factor in choosing an RSC box. Consider that print plates for die cut mailers average about $600 per color, while an RSC plate is comparatively lower at about $300-400 per color for most prints. Many 1 or 2 color exterior prints are ideal for RSCs, and thanks to advances in equipment and processes, there are many designs that are printable today that may not have been in recent years.

Aside from tooling and plate costs, on a per box comparison, RSC boxes are typically less expensive than die cut mailers because there is less set up time involved, less corrugated board used, and therefore minimal waste and expense (thus more eco-friendly as well).


Custom Printing with Lower Minimums

As you can see in the photograph here, as well as our gallery, there are many customers we’ve worked with over the years who implement a variety of sizes for their product lines. When branding, one of the first concerns many potential customers have is whether or not they can meet our printing minimums. For die cut mailers, the minimum is almost always 1,000 to customize, but on RSC boxes, the minimum may be 500, or in some cases even as low as 250 on select larger sizes. Our contact information is below. Let us know the size, board grade as well as design, and we will be able to very quickly give you a sense of cost as well as MOQ.


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