Posted on November 30, 2022 by Michael Boik

Previewing Likely Ecommerce Graphic/Design Packaging Trends For 2023

The last quarter of 2022 is typically when we start to see quite a few projects roll in for production and delivery dates in early 2023. This means we’ve seen a glimpse into the future, so to speak, and have a bit of a preview into what graphic art and designs are likely to be popular, prominent and trending in the new year.

We’ve written quite extensively about redesigning your packaging. The reasons for it and the process about how to go about it. Such as this post or this one. The new year may be a great time and reason enough to show off a fresh, new design. Consider any of the following trends as sparks to start the creative process to replace an old design.


Minimalist Designs

This is sort of self-explanatory, but it may be surprising to some to know that minimalist printing/designs are starting to become popular among ecommerce packaging. When you start to consider the reasons this may be the case, it actually starts to make a lot of sense. We’re in a global recession, recovering from a pandemic, on the heels of several price increases in the industry, and to put it simply, minimal prints are more affordable and friendlier to a bottom line. Also consider that the less “busy” a box may be graphically, the more focused or targeted the message can be because there is less to distract the consumer. Or, think of it as a way to stand out. Picture a white box with a single line of blue text, among a sea of multi-colored boxes with various graphics, words and text. The packaging with the least amount of “noise” in this example is actually saying the most. This combined with the fact that so many companies are trying to project an eco-friendly awareness to their customers (see the next point below), sometimes less truly can be more.

We are not graphic designers, but we are structural packaging designers. Meaning that we know (and in fact specialize in) how to make a structural design, a minimalist design. This means getting the most out of the box while limiting the board use, the tooling costs, the overall box size or other areas as needed. A minimalist design may mean easy assembly for your fulfillment people, or easy access for your end-user.


Kraft/Sustainable/GreenRecyclable and Recycled Content Packaging

Somewhat going hand-in-hand with the point above, there is a big push from many ecommerce companies for their packaging to not only be sustainable, but to LOOK sustainable as well. We coined a phrase many years ago called “Eco-Obvious”. This means that the customers/end-users know that the packaging was made from recycled contents, can be recycled and that there was minimal waste or excess in its design. As such, Kraft packaging is hot, featuring 1 or 2 color prints that make a point of prompting the customer to recycle or reuse the packaging, or even stating exactly what percentage of recycled content the box/envelope was made from. You can read more about Eco-Obvious packaging in this Packaging Digest Post.




Continuing on with the green/sustainable trend, reusable, resealable 2 way packaging has been trending for some time now, and will likely continue to do so. Not only are resealable boxes great from a waste-elimination and environmental perspective, but also from a customer-experience perspective. 2 way packaging makes sense for a lot of products and subscription models, especially those that are monthly product trials, or rental items like formal clothing attire. Returns and exchanges are easier for the customer without the product getting damaged or lost.

You can read more about resealable packaging here.



If you’ve been in a high school recently, you might be surprised by the number of kids you’ve seen walking around in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s band t-shirts. Old styles and fashions always come back and recirculate into mainstream popularity. Burger King is back to using their old logo from the 70s. A lot of companies are featuring throwback looks for some of their products. Packaging plays a large part of this, and many ecommerce brands are trying to connect with their customers while appealing to their sense of nostalgia.


These are just a few of the likely packaging trends for the new year, but whatever your style or design preferences, we can help you bring your vision to life. Ready to ask us how we can help you with your packaging redesign? Reach out to us today!


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